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Whether you need to file your personal taxes as an Individual or as a Sole Proprietor – Ocean Breeze CPA is here to help.

As a Sole Proprietor, you know the drill:
You’re in charge of everything and
responsible for it all – there’s a lot to know!

For a Sole Proprietor, there’s tax filings and registrations potentially beyond just the annual income tax filing. That can include registering for GST and PST, payroll taxes if you’ve got any employees and ensuring all of those required payments are made in a timely fashion.

Then there’s your revenues and expenses to track, and inventory to record and value, and the bookkeeping to keep it all accurate and timely. It’s a lot.

The following downloadable multi-page spreadsheets may assist you in helping you set some of your priorities and tracking your income and expenses:

Business Use in the Home Spreadsheet Business Income Expenses Spreadsheet

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