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personal taxesThere can be a lot of complexities
in even ‘just’ personal tax filings these days.

There’s medical and dental expenses that can be deducted, investment income and capital gains and losses to track and report, and tuition cost deductions (or transfers of those credits to parents).

Are you getting all the deductions you can,
while staying in
compliance with CRA rules
and thus avoiding a fine or interest penalties?

Did you know that you have to track and report the sale of your home or change in use (i.e. rental) to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or you can be subject to fines?

It’s even more confusing if you’ve been named the Executor of an Estate. What are the deadlines there, what needs to be filed? Either way, there’s a lot to know these days.

Why not ease your worries over personal tax preparation – leave it in the hands of our “Everyday Experts,” the Ocean Breeze Accounting and Bookkeeping team.

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